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Welcome to Craft Juice OEM Cold Pressed Juice Production, Manufacturer &Supplier

Craft Juice is a cold pressed fruit and vegetable juice manufacturer and supplier in Singapore.

We also have cut fruits, breakfast bowls production and supply for events and juice stalls, juice businesses, cafes, restaurants and hotels.

Cold Pressed Juice Supplier

Craft Juice are is in cold pressed juice production and suppliers in Sg with high quality fresh fruits. With Craft Juice, all you need is 1 staff and a chiller space to display your bottled juices and cut fruits supplier prepacked nicely.

Cut Fruits Supplier

Craft Juice are cut fruit supplier which saves time to cut fruits during events and storage space for bulky fruits - save on rental as you'll require a much smaller space. our affordable popular fruit cups would make the perfect takeaway snack! Nicely presented with your company label, get ready for repeat business!

Fruit Juice Suppliers

Craft juice are best fruit juice suppliers in singapore. No juicing equipment required. Craft Juice is able to place your brand label on the juice bottles and cut fruits cups to create brand awareness.

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